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Login, See available shipments, Quote real-time, Accept rate, Get Confirmed loads.

Submit live bids and choose your own loads at your own prices.

TiA the voice-enabled virtual assistant to coordinate with all trip stakeholders seamlessly.

Smart contracts make all terms, conditions clear, fixed and fair. Digital payments reach you instantly.

E-documentation to complete trips faster, just upload POD’s and trip documents to start invoicing process.

Digital invoicing, auto detention calculation save administration resources spent on paperwork.

FERO’s platform shows you how many of your assets are utilized, idle capacity, most profitable lanes, scheduled loads, low-booking days to help you plan better.

Get automatic updates on all your ongoing trips.

Manage all your fleet and clients from a single page and provide improved service quality with an end-to-end digital experience.

Be visible to a large number of potential customers through the FERO platform.

Get ’smart loads’ , the platform uses your past data to notify you when loads are available matching your preference of lane, price, commodity and locations.

Achieve higher ratings to become a ‘preferred carrier’ and get booked for higher number of shipments.

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