Propel Logistics with Modern Tools

We here at FERO help you solve classic freight forwarding problems with modern edge tech. From a web platform to automate your process to a intelligent NPL agent TIA ; we are equipped with advanced machine learning tools to provide you assistance on just one voice command
"Talk to TIA Now"

Fast and Intuitive
Web portal.

Intelligent Dashboard & analytics
AI-based quotation engine: Get instant best rate for all V-Ts
One click contracts
Real time chat with transporters & Driver over WhatsApp
Send & Receive voice messages, images and files instantly
Built using python for speed
Manage your entire fleet and get real time performance metrics

Transport Interactive Assistant

Google powered state of the art speech recognition
No app download required
Use globally
Intelligent alert / escalation mechanism

Delivery Management System

Manage entire fleet & orders
Get optimized routes
Real time tracking+ custom status report